Why Invest In Ethiopia?


Why Invest In Ethiopia?

Ethiopia has succeeded in becoming one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Over the 2008-18 period, Ethiopia has recorded an average real GDP growth rate of 9.9%. This broad-based high growth rate has been supported by structural reforms that have been introduced through industrial sector development. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has announced numerous reform plans, including plans to loosen the state’s dominance in key sectors, in efforts to attract investor interest and boost growth.

Ethiopia At a Glance

Time to Invest in Ethiopia

Investment Opportunities and Priority Areas

There are numerous attractive investment opportunities in


Ethiopia offers a remarkable competitive advantage for manufacturing industries

Textile and Garment

The textile & garment sector in Ethiopia has been growing in the past decade.

Leather and Leather Products Manufacturing

Ethiopia has the largest livestock population in Africa and ranks 6th in the world.


It is one of the fastest growing industries in Ethiopia with an annual growth rate of 15%.


Ethiopia is a continental and global leader in the production of a variety of raw materials needed for processing.

Bamboo for Green Investment

The Government of Ethiopia has accorded a high priority to the bamboo sector.

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